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For those of you interested in Gnosis and Russian sources [...]

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For those of you interested in Gnosis and Russian sources of esoteric knowledge:

Boris Mouruavieff Gnosis part II
"Before it can be fully understood, this theme of the Coming of the Son of Man,
abundantly described in the New Testament, requires comment. Let us take
several examples from the Gospels. The 24th chapter of St Matthew is entirely devoted to this subject. There, certain indications are particularly exact, as in the following words of Christ:

"The good News of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a testimony
unto all nations; and then shall the end come"

This deals with the end of the 'World'. We are in general agreement in thinking that humanity has reached a decisive turning point of its history today and that we are now at the end of one of the chapters of the evolution of our planet, of organic life and of human society. This opinion is based on many considerations, several of which have been examined during our study.

The evolution of positive science and the pace of that evolution tend to confirm it. From the point of view which most concerns us we observe that the preaching of the gospel has now become universal. Having spread lirtle by little, in the XXth century it has truly reached every nation.

Practically no cultured man exists on Earth who remains ignorant of Christ and his works. This condition having been fulfilled, we can take it for granted now that,
in the Gospel sense, we have reached the end of the old world and that the
Son of Man is near, at the door. Now let us see how Jesus described his second Coming, which characterizes the New era, the Cycle of the Holy Spirit.

Here is the majestic description given by St Matthew, a description to which we have already referred. "The Sun shall be darkened and the Moon shall not give her light, the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken".

The text above is from the PDF book Gnosis Part II in the link below. Mouravieff was connected to the work and studies of Gurdieff and Ouspensky. It's a large volume of esoteric knowledge, 164 pages.…
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