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No way to be more useful in this moment, really. [...]

Firenze, Toscana
via Prepare For Change
No way to be more useful in this moment, really. I have in this period strong shifting of my field, but this declination of reality, is holding me, and I feel like a monkey that try to play a violin. Without a visible guidance, my imagination don’t broke the wall of the 4th dimension.
I know what it is, I can visualize, but tridimentionally…
for who of us need and deserve a bit more of attention to release the creative sacred curiosity for the truth, I promise to dedicate to them, and give a chance, to everybody to feel a bit limited.
After in their eyes the joy of the discovering will payback all the efforts.
Really struggling to to meet you and share, after a thankful welcome, one smile of wondering, for the phase that I’m honored to be withness. We are one. Will be great to defeat who was betting on their supremacy, they will not believe that are forgived. I pray for them. And for all of us.
In these days I’m hunted by some nazi-oriented subs. They believe, and are trained, to spread a innominable fear and violence.
The paradigm change will erase them, I was in some island… I saw what it mean be ruled by them. Now they received the signal, and try to transform.
I was strongly opposing them. With all the energy that rise from my small body, But was enough!!!
I escaped the island, the Q badge, the Latin Kidkillers.
Just avoiding fear. And focusing on all of us, including them, to channeling everybody in my eyes. I was not there, we all was there while sayng:
I’m ishtaren. I’m waiting our family. I will not die under a knife of a horphan.
I will survive, and next time, we will sit together.
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