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I've never done much posting.. Here or elsewhere, I have [...]

Clover, South Carolina
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I've never done much posting.. Here or elsewhere, I have a Twitter account that I mostly use for reposts, I've had trouble finding my voice for such things in the past eight or so years.. I'm running into walls attempting to understand a recent experience and I thought I might reach out here...

On May eighteenth Around four am I was asleep in my bed. Having had a semi normal dream so far I was siting on a concrete balcony, of an apartment building in a sandy dry locale, with me was a stranger, a participant in the dream situation. A feminine body and presence I can't recall her face. She and I had perilously escaped the attention of some hostile group in the courtyards as we skipped roof to roof to shimmy down to our destination.

On the balcony we were quietly taking in the view, whispering and chatting about life and limb in relation to our predicament. Calming from the intensity of the moment. Apropos of nothing, a loud whine above us rang out as a plane emerged fm behind the building into our view, time slowed as the sky changed from a red and pink sunset to a sepia, amber color. The plane crossed our vision. Simple enough but very close.. The size one might see at the gate of an airport. Two large jet engines attached at the wings, head and tail intact, maybe thirty little windows.

It flew in from the right, across to the middle of our field of vision and exploded.

It seemed to occur from the right side out, facing away from us, near or within the right wing, the cabin ripped in half from that side and the plane broke apart. Cinder floated onto our little balcony and the sound was a tremendous sizzle. As I looked on, shocked, the plane portions were suspended before us, slowly sinking as they shone at this point, bright gold, sepia, neon yellow.

I woke up crying, calmed and settled down. Soothed myself back into sleep which was en normal enough with no continuation of what I had seen. I told my partner early the next morning before looking online to immediately see the headlines about a missing plane, flight M804. Within two hours the headlines changed to reflect what I already knew.. All lives lost.

No one has claimed this act, it seemed intentional, the perspective and information appeared astrally witnessed, though I'm sure it could have been influenced by the event already entering the publics knowledge. This dream occurred for me at 3am eastern time, it was not a premonition, the event had occurred in realtime, several hours beforehand. I was shocked as to my knowledge I have never had an astral or dream experience of this sort.

My question is this: did anyone else here have any similar dream or have you heard of someone who has? I've spent a week mulling and seeking deeper understanding, I'd like to hear from someone else who might have seen hat happened. I can't suspend my curiosity over what happened to these people, no public claim has marked the event as an act of terrorism, but I'm sure what I saw was not a malfunction of any kind. I understand an astral vision may not be totally accurate but symbolic. But I have noted that I saw no missile or outside collision(could that have been the noise?) The plane was banked to the right from my view. Nothing below. I don't know what I'm attempting to find like this, just some outside perspective.

I'm also seeking the girl on the balcony, though I know she might not exist I this world.
Are you her? Did you share this vision? Do you have any insight for me or the collective at large?

Thanks for reading. In love and light 🌿🙏🏽🔮

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